Art After School

In collaboration with the Beaumont Independent School District, AMSET's Art After School
program brings fourth graders from six Title I elementary schools (Blanchette, Dunbar,
Fletcher, French, Lucas and Martin) to AMSET. A school bus transports the students to the
museum and then to their homes accompanied by a teacher's aide from their school.  


During the week-long program, students complete workshops introducing them to museums and
the work of our exhibiting artists.  Additionally, students are given the opportunity to create
their own works of art and learn about problem solving through art activities.  For many of these
children, this will mark their first museum visit. This program is designed to make them
comfortable entering any museum in any part of the world.
Children from the Art
After School program often to introduce their families to the museum and become repeat
visitors to family events.

Here are some of the fun activities Art After School students have been able to take part in at AMSET: 

Click on the photos for descriptions. 


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