Silent Auction Items:

Below, you will find images of silent auction items that will be on display and available for purchase the evening of "In the Eye of the Beholder."

To bid on a silent auction item before the event, email your bid amount to

Keep checking the website for updates regarding the most recent bid amounts.

29 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Jun 2019
  • George Wentz, Momento Finale, acrylic on paper, 2008, GW 2010.05
  • George Wentz, Untitled, acrylic on paper, 2008, GW 2010.04
  • Tree of Life - Garden of Eden
  • George Wentz, Untitled, acrylic on water, 2006, GW 2010.02
  • George Wentz, Birth of Matisse, acrylic on paper, 2006, GW 2010.03
  • George Wentz, Untitled, 2008, acrylic on watercolor paper, GW 2010.01
  • Wall Hanging, Painted Clay Sun (Red face w/ moustache, skeleton "rays" w/ sombreros)
  • Wood Wool Textile (detail) (Wine Colored)
  • Mirror
  • Bamboo Wine Rack, Steeple (Holds (6) bottles, w/ steeple on top)
  • Bamboo Wine Rack, Dome (Holds (6) bottles, w/ dome on top)
  • Two Tall Skeletons (One with beer bottle)
  • Talavera Jar with Lid, blue trim (Flowers & blue looped handles)
  • Talavera Jar with Lid (Flowers and fern motif w/blue decoration)
  • Tree of Life, Crucifixion "INRI"
  • Figure, Madonna, old
  • Old Talavera Bowl
  • Miniature Pitchers, Glazed (Detail, Asst. style Miniature)
  • Miniature Pitchers, Glazed (Detail, Asst. styles Miniature)
  • Miniature Pitchers, Glazed (Asst. styles miniature)
  • Brass Candelabras (detail)
  • Brass Candelabras, w/ red glass votives (Grapes, leaves and wheat w/ ornate base)
  • Dancing Woman with Braids (Oversized Calla Lilies on head)
  • Naked Acrobats' Tower (Men + Women on red tower)
  • Pink Assemblage (Ofrenda)
  • Catrina & Dandy, paper mache (Man in navy blue, woman in yellow)
  • Large Plate (Village Scene, man w/ basket on back)
  • Plant stand vintage (Mestizo, burro and cactus scene)
  • Huichol Pink Sampler (Yarn design on board w/ info on back)
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