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The galleries are currently closed for installations. 

They will reopen Saturday, September 22, 2018 for our fall exhibitions: 

DEBORAH LUSTER---Passion Play 


Woven Wonders: Textiles from the John Gaston Fairey Collection of Mexican Folk Art 

on view September 22 through November 25, 2018

Café Arts 

Andre Woodard: I Understand How You Feel

On view August 30 through November 11, 2018
Free and open to the public

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Andre Woodard is a fine art photographer whose photographs typically take a dreamlike and surreal approach to the photographic medium exploring conceptual art and digital manipulation to convey the ideas of sexual, personal, and racial identity through internal conflicts. This is influenced by his experiences he went through while discovering his sexual identity being gay and African-American, both of which are historical subjects of discrimination. “The voices of the individual deserve to be heard: especially those of the outnumbered”, Woodard says. Woodard earned his BFA in Photography from Lamar University. He currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is pursuing his MFA in Photography from The University of New Mexico.

For more information about exhibitions or receptions call (409) 832-3432.

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