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"Collection in Reflection: 10 Years of Acquisitions"

  • 30 Jun 2012
  • 02 Sep 2012
  • 500 Main Street, downtown Beaumont

Each summer, AMSET organizes an exhibition focusing specifically on the research and interpretation of the permanent collection.  Subjects explored in previous years have ranged from photorealist paintings and prints to folk art sculpture.  In 2012, AMSET will feature an exhibition that examines the museum’s acquisitions for the past 10 years.  Collection in Reflection will explore the museum’s collecting focus and assess both individually and collectively the featured works. As AMSET has grown into maturity, so has the focus of its collecting. The areas of concentration have evolved to include modern and contemporary American art with a focus on the Texas region, including painting, prints, photography, sculpture, as well as contemporary folk art
and a core collection of earlier 19th and 20th century works that can provide context in which to view later work.

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