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Kirby Crone: "212/912"

  • 18 Jul 2013
  • 06 Oct 2013
  • 500 Main Street, downtown Beaumont

The life of a wall in a metropolitan setting goes through an aesthetic evolution as time passes.  Advertisements, graffiti, and gradual weathering give a certain essence to these urban walls. The past is constantly abstracted as time continues; I strive to capture these certain moments of joy.  The interaction between the color and texture serves as an amplification of the life and history tied to these surfaces. I am investigating the application of paint through mediums, texture, layering, and color in these time-based wall inspired drawings.  The walls that influence my work most have had decades of history, I attempt to make a similar record in a compressed passage of time.  While these works are purely abstract, the thought of walls are at the forefront of my mind.


Kirby Crone

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