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"Summer Lydick: Resurfacing. Remnants"

  • 09 Oct 2013
  • 15 Dec 2013
  • 500 Main Street, downtown Beaumont

     Summer Lydick began her art career the moment she could hold a drawing utensil. At 18 months old, she was drawing self-portraits of her big bobble head balanced on tiny legs. Drawings of her parents, at her lilliputian perspective, featured tiny pin heads supported by super long legs. It was only in college that she decided to dedicate her life to making art and has never looked back.
     “Since my early days as an undergraduate, I have been fascinated by recreating complex textures with paint. I draw inspiration from manmade objects that have been reclaimed by nature – rusted sheet metal, crumbling concrete walls, torn and shredded billboards. Lately the fashion and design industry inspire me with its use of color, texture, and fabric. In my work, I create heavily layered paintings that often feature a unique found object retrieved from a parking lot or other inconspicuous place in the context of my daily routine.
     I try to cram as much visual information into every square inch of my paintings, often creating upwards of 40 layers of paint only to scratch back through to the original layer. Adding reclaimed objects, such as rusted bottle caps, safety pins, or unidentifiable objects adds another layer of dimension and provides a nice contrast to the sometimes glossy, sometimes chaotic painted surface.  By presenting these old cast-off objects in the context of art, I am elevating them to the realm of precious mementos, like souvenirs or things lost and forgotten, but now remembered.”
     Summer Lydick received her Master's degree in Painting at Lamar University in 2005. She started her interior decorative finishing company the same year and has been “changing the world, one room at a time”. She resides in Beaumont, Texas in between jaunts to tropical locales and Europe.

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