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    • 15 Nov 2018
    • 27 Jan 2019
    • 500 Main Street, downtown Beaumont

    Evalon #3, 2010-11, acrylic, collage on birch panel, 40 x 40 inches, loan courtesy of the artist

    Opening Reception: 1-3 p.m., Sunday, November 18, 2018

    Join AMSET for Jane Honovich: All Over Not Yet,  a Café Arts Series Exhibition. Artwork will be on view November 15, 2018 through January 27, 2019 in AMSET's Café Arts Series for Local Artists. 

    Artist Biography

    Jane Honovich was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and moved to Beaumont, Texas, at age six. Jane pursued her love of art at Sullins College in Bristol, Virginia, for two years and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. After two years at Wells Design, Jane returned to college to receive her certification in Art Education at the University of Texas at Austin. She then began her career teaching art to middle school students in Houston, Texas. While teaching she developed an After-School Art Program for interested students. Many of these students, with Jane's help and encouragement, entered various art contests and won numerous awards.

    Jane began taking summer classes at the Glassell School in Houston while teaching, where she rediscovered her love of painting. After retirement, Jane was able to fully devote herself to painting. Her artwork has been accepted into juried shows over the years and she won 2nd place in the Assistance League Celebrates Texas exhibit in 2010. Her artwork is also on view at the Brown Ingram Gallery (Jack E. Brown Engineering Building) at Texas A&M University in College Station. Jane currently lives in Houston where she continues her artistic explorations with calligraphic line.  

    Artist Statement

    The inspiration for my current work stems from a collection of handwritten letters and notes from family. I am intrigued by the movement and rhythm of the loops, crosses, and angles I find within each written line. The uniqueness of each line segment enriches my desire for a connection to the past. Through this process, a portrait of the individual is revealed. I create a link with the past by using the lines and marks that I discover. I bring to life the spirit of family memories by incorporating these handwritten marks into my paintings.

    My medium is acrylic paint on birch panel. I enlarge, separate, and re-contextualize the letters as a means to abstraction. Using washes, overlapping forms, wiping off some areas and then adding paint again, brings depth, movement and a sense of mystery to my compositions. The letters are sometimes hidden or remain a bold window of interest to the composition. Currently I am experimenting with transferring xerox copies of the marks with matte medium.

    The loss of family is ever present. The gift of their correspondence has allowed me to create a new language that signifies the passing of time, personal memories, and life itself.

    • 11 Dec 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Art Museum of Southeast Texas

    Join us for a book signing with photographer and Lamar University professor Keith Carter. Fifty Years celebrates the view from Carter’s lens with a collection of 250 of his most captivating images.

    Light snacks will be provided.

    Advance copies of the book will be available but are limited. To reserve your copy, call AMSET at 409-832-3432.

    For more information on Keith Carter's book, visit: 


    • 14 Dec 2018
    • 03 Mar 2019
    • Art Museum of Southeast Texas

    On view December 14, 2018 through March 3, 2019

    Opening Reception6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Friday, December 14, 2018

    Free and open to the public

    Enigma Variations is organized by guest curator and author, Robert Craig Bunch of San Antonio, and is an exhibit of artwork by artists who use found objects. They were included in Bunch’s book, The Art of Found Objects: Interviews with Texas Artists, published by Texas A&M University Press, 2016. This exhibition focuses on artists currently (or formerly) working in Texas that all create art with found materials. Artists Steve Brudniak (Austin), Marilyn Lanfear (San Antonio), Angelica Paez (Houston), Ward Sanders (Lytle) and Kelly Sears (Boulder, Colorado) will be featured as the focus of the exhibition and will each have numerous works in the exhibition. They will be joined by other well-known Texas artists that often explore creating art with found objects, including: Charles A. A. Dellschau, Forrest Bess, Felix “Fox” Harris, Jesse Lott, David McManaway, Maudee Carron, Clyde Connell, Bert Long, Mary McCleary, Dario Robleto, Vernon Fisher, Trenton Doyle Hancock and Jonathan Rosenstein. As guest curator, Bunch has selected each artist, considering the diversity and enigmatic visual history of the found object realm. A book signing of Bunch’s book will take place at the opening reception. Bunch will also write an essay for our gallery guide explaining the focus of the exhibition. Some of the featured artists will be present at the opening reception and will participate in a gallery talk with Bunch.

    This exhibition is generously supported, in part, by an award from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the arts, the City of Beaumont, the Wesley W. Washburn, M.D. and Lulu L. Smith, M.D. Endowment Fund and the C. Homer and Edith Fuller Chambers Charitable Foundation.

    To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit www.arts.gov.

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20 Sep 2014 "Celia Eberle: In the Garden of Ozymandias"
05 Sep 2014 The Crystal Ball - A Night of Sparkling Entertainment
16 Aug 2014 "Don't Mess with Texas, Mess with Art" Family Arts Day
14 Aug 2014 Zach Dubuisson: "It Ain't Easy"
16 Jun 2014 Summer ArtVentures Creative Kids Camp 2014
31 May 2014 "Spring Chine" Family Arts Day
24 May 2014 "Beili Liu: Chine"
24 May 2014 "Karin Broker: wired, pressed and nailed"
08 May 2014 Treasure Auction: Masterpieces, Fakes and Forgeries
25 Apr 2014 "Justice Illuminated: The Art of Arthur Szyk"
19 Apr 2014 "Tiffany Studios: The Women Behind the Glass"
13 Mar 2014 Abigail McLaurin: "Tongues Talking"
06 Mar 2014 Go for the Gold Party and Reverse Drawing
21 Feb 2014 A Vintage Affair wine tasting
20 Feb 2014 Protégé High School Art Competition and Exhibition Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony
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18 Jan 2014 "Mirrored and Obscured: Contemporary Texas Self-Portraits"
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04 Dec 2012 2012 AMSET Annual Meeting
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22 Sep 2012 "Espoused"
11 Sep 2012 Sugar Skulls Workshop
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23 Aug 2012 "Jane Peterman: Signs of Life"
11 Aug 2012 "Don't Mess with Texas, Mess with Art" Family Arts Day
30 Jun 2012 "Collection in Reflection: 10 Years of Acquisitions"
11 Jun 2012 Summer ArtVentures Creative Kids Camp 2012
07 Jun 2012 "Pat Loggins: Works in Mixed Media"
10 May 2012 The Secret Artist in You: Treasure Auction 2012
05 May 2012 "Ships Ahoy" Family Arts Day
20 Apr 2012 "Contemporary American Marine Art: 15th Annual Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists"
29 Mar 2012 "Michelle Cate: Hipsta-Addict"
08 Mar 2012 Go for the Gold Party and Reverse Drawing
01 Mar 2012 Garry Reece Lecture
23 Feb 2012 Protégé High School Art Competition and Exhibition
11 Feb 2012 "I See 3-D" Family Arts Day
26 Jan 2012 "Taylor Randolph Perry: Stenciling Out the Time"
21 Jan 2012 "This Rejection of the Conqueror: Works by Robert Pruitt"
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24 Sep 2011 Obsessive Worlds
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13 Aug 2011 "Recycled/Reinvented" Family Arts Day
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23 Jul 2011 Southeast Texas Collects: Jamie Paul Kessler German Pottery Collection
23 Jul 2011 Recycled/Reinvented: Folk Art from the Permanent Collection
15 Jul 2011 gARTage Sale
13 Jun 2011 Summer ArtVentures Creative Kids Camp
02 Jun 2011 "Randy and Bryan Welborn: Moments to Remember" in Café Arts
07 May 2011 "Tree Line" Spring Family Arts Day
06 May 2011 Impressionist and Post Impressionist Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Art
26 Apr 2011 Besa: Albanian Muslims
16 Apr 2011 Helen Altman: Tree Line
16 Apr 2011 Mark Messersmith: Scenic Delusions of Ordinary Disappointments
03 Mar 2011 Go for the Gold Party and Reverse Drawing
24 Feb 2011 Protégé High School Art Competition and Exhibition
12 Feb 2011 "Celebrate Southeast Texas" Family Arts Day
22 Jan 2011 Edward G. Eisenlohr: Painting Across the Texas Landscape
22 Jan 2011 Southeast Texas Art: Cross-Currents and Influences
02 Dec 2010 Holiday Children's Festival and Tree Lighting
13 Nov 2010 Gingerbread House Workshop
11 Nov 2010 "Kathleen Lamb Boudreaux: In Good Company" in Café Arts
30 Oct 2010 "Eat a Bug!" Family Arts Day
16 Oct 2010 Sedrick Huckaby: From Earth to Heaven
07 Oct 2010 Art of Beer 2010
10 Sep 2010 Gala 2010: Coattails, Cocktails and Capers
14 Aug 2010 “Flower Power” Summer Family Arts Day
24 Jul 2010 Women Artists: Selections from the Permanent Collection
24 Jul 2010 George Wentz: Joie de Vivre
06 May 2010 Mask Mania: Treasure Auction 2010
01 May 2010 “Playing in the Sand” Family Arts Day
24 Apr 2010 Rusty Scruby: Playing in the Sand
24 Apr 2010 Virgil Grotfeldt 274296
18 Mar 2010 Geaux for the Gold Party and Reverse Drawing
25 Feb 2010 Protege High School Art Competition and Exhibition
13 Feb 2010 “Set Your Sails for AMSET!” Family Arts Day
23 Jan 2010 African-American Art: Highlights from the Dr. Hervy Hiner Collection
23 Jan 2010 Hans Molzberger: RETURN / RÜCKKEHR
14 Nov 2009 Christmas Ornament Workshop
31 Oct 2009 "Eat a Bug!" Family Arts Day
06 Oct 2009 Sugar Skulls Workshop
01 Oct 2009 Art of Beer
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