Administrative Department

Executive Director     Lynn Castle    [email protected]

Administrative Assistant    Hannah Danielson     [email protected]

Curatorial Department

Curator of Exhibitions     Caitlin Clay    [email protected]

Curator of Collections    Dario S. Bucheli    [email protected]

Education Department

Curator of Education / Head of Security    Andy Gardner    [email protected]

Assistant Curator of Education    Karisa Norfleet    [email protected]

Public Relations Department

Public Relations Coordinator    Kasey Clay    [email protected], [email protected]

Facility Rental / Events Department

Events Coordinator    Mark Davis    [email protected]

Finance / Personnel Department

Administrator of Finance/Personnel    Kim Stafford    [email protected]

Maintenance Department

Building & Grounds Supervisor    George Leonard   

Custodian    Jennifer Carreon    

Security Department

Gallery Attendant     Bryan Castino

Gallery Attendant     T.J. Donatto

Gallery Attendant     Paige Rivero

Receptionist    Yolanda Matthews

Receptionist    Beulah Norman

Receptionist    Sara Oglesby


There are no positions open at this time.

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